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The Biggest 🌱 Seed Round ever? ⌨️ SaaS and 💳 FinTech

The UK is knocked off its total-funding-perch, overtaken by Germany and Nigeria, thanks to the largest Seed round yet, (possibly ever?) going to Lagos based PalmPay.

Another Nigerian based FinTech OPay has just raised a $120m Series B round, showing strong signs of confidence in Africa from Eastern and Western investors alike.

Edition 7 will be published Tuesday 26th November.

Figures this week: 

Funding rounds covered:
Countries covered:
Largest round:
$40,000,000 (yes, fourty Million)

Estimated funds raised: 
~$104,000,000 (Please Note: not all deals are outlined below)

Categories & countries: 

Most rounds: 


Largest Round: 

Most common categories: 

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🇳🇬NSA $40,000,000

Category: FinTech, Apps, Payments
Description: PalmPay is a simple and secure payment app that gives rewards. The app lets users send quick quickly between friends and pay for airtime and utilities.
Raised: $40,000,000 (Fourty million) (Seed)
Investors: MediaTekNetEase and TRANSSION.
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Read more here.

Category: FinTech, HealthCare
Description: AI-Driven claim processing and fraud detection for African health insurers.
Raised: Unknown  (Pre-Seed)
Investors: Consonance Investment Managers
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

🇩🇪DEU ~$20,000,000

Category: Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics
Description: Enway builds the software that enables special purpose vehicles for cleaning, sweeping and city services to operate autonomously.
Raised: €6,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: Atlantic LabsRedalpineBerlin Technologie Holding and others.
Location: Berlin, Germany.

Category: No-code, Enterprise, SaaS
Description: BRYTER is a no-code building platform to automate expert knowledge.
Raised: €6,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: AccelNotion and Cavalry Ventures.
Location: Berlin, Germany.

Category: Apps, Software
Description: Linearity, the company behind Vectornator, is an advanced vector design app that unlocks the power of vector graphics for everyone.
Raised: €5,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany.

Category: IT, SaaS
Description: ELISE GmbH is a deep-tech startup developing generative engineering software.
Raised: €3,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: Cherry Ventures, BMW i Ventures,

Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners and others.
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany.

🇬🇧GBR ~$12,000,000

Biotherapy Services
Category: Health Care, Biotechnology
Description: Biotherapy Services is a biopharmaceutical company specialising in regenerative medicine for the treatment of complex wounds.
Raised: £3,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: Foresight Group
Location: Windsor, England, UK.

Category: Cloud Computing, SaaS
Description: Cloudsmith is a cloud-native DevOps warehouse built on Package Management, that secures, controls and accelerates software delivery.
Raised: £2,100,000 (Seed)
Investors: MMC VenturesFrontline Ventures and Techstart Ventures.
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Category: Tourism, Travel
Description: Stasher is the world’s first luggage storage network.
Raised: $1,700,000 (Seed)
Investors: Unknown.
Location: London, England, UK.

Category: Healthcare, Mobile
Description: ‘Patient-first’ connected solution, focused on supporting and improving health outcomes for people with a Cancer diagnosis.
Raised: $1,100,000 (Seed)
Investors: Unknown.
Location: London, England, UK.

Category: Marketing, Software
Description: Stampede is a customer insights and effective digital marketing automation tools company.
Raised: £1,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: TechStart VenturesGalvanise Capital and others.
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Promethean Particles
Category: Computer, Electronics
Description: Promethean Particles designs, develops and manufactures inorganic nanoparticle dispersions.
Raised: £750,000 (Seed)
Investors: Foresight Group
Location: Nottingham, England, UK.

Snappy Shopper
Category: Logistics, E-Commerce, Grocery
Description: Snappy Shopper is a platform that enables convenience stores and corner shops to sell online.
Raised: £750,000 (Seed)
Investors: Unknown.
Location: Nottingham, England, UK.

🇲🇽MEX ~$10,000,000

Category: E-Commerce, Food and Beverage
Description: Jüsto is an online supermarket serving the Latin America region.
Raised: $10,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: 500 StartupsFoundation CapitalGoogle Launchpad and others.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico.

🇮🇳IND ~$6,600,000

Category: Ride Sharing, Transport
Description:  Zypp is a ebike sharing app with over 500,000 users.
Raised: $2,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: IAN Fund.
Location: Guraon, India.

Category: Fashion, Lifestyle
Description: StyleCracker is an online fashion startup
Raised: $2,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: AMJ Ventures.
Location: Mumbai, India.

Category: Gaming, Apps
Description: Supergaming is a Social gaming platform.
Raised: $1,300,000 (Seed)
Investors: Dream IncubatorAET Fund and others.
Location: Mumbai, India.

Category: Hospitality, Internet
Description: Bookingjini helps hotels to grow their revenue and productivity.
Raised: $1,300,000 (Seed)
Investors: Mumbai Angels and others.
Location: Haryana, India.

🇨🇴COL $5,500,000

Category: PropTech, Real Estate,
Description: Habi.co is a technology-driven real estate company.
Raised: $5,500,000 (Pre-Seed)
Investors: Tiger Global Management, FJ LabsHomebrew and others.
Location: Bogota, Colombia.

🇭🇰HKG ~$3,800,000

Category: Artificial Intelligence, Mapping
Description: Mapxus is a thriving indoor map technology platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications.
Raised: $3,00,000 (Seed)
Investors: Beyond Ventures
Location: Hong Kong.

Carnot Innovations
Category: Artificial Intelligence
Description: Carnot Innovations is an AI-based predictive maintenance platform
Raised: $800,000 (Seed)
Investors: Beyond Ventures
Location: Hong Kong.

🇨🇭CHE $3,000,000

Category: Biotechnology, Health
Description: Qnami develops sensors based on quantum technologies.
Raised: €2,600,000 (Seed)
Investors: High-Tech GrunderfondsVerve Capital Partners and Zürcher Kantonal Bank
Location: Basel, Switzerland.

🇦🇪UAE $2,500,000

Category: FinTech, Financial Services
Description: Tabby provides consumers across the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the flexibility to pay for their online and offline purchases either in a deferred single payment or in multiple instalments.
Raised: €2,000,000 (Seed)
Investors: Global Founders CapitalWamda Capital and Arbor Ventures.
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Category: FinTech, Financial Services
Description: Invygo is an app-based car subscription company that offers a new way to get a car. Invygo gives the customer access to dealership verified cars and the flexibility to drive the car for as long as they want without the long term commitment needed for owning or leasing.
Raised: €275,000 (Seed)
Investors: 500 Startups
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

🇧🇷BRA $1,200,000

Category: Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology
Description: Tevec is an optimizes supply chain logistics with predictive machine learning algorithms, by reducing stockout issues, delays and losses.
Raised: $1,200,000 (Seed)
Investors: Gávea AngelsIndicatorCaptial 
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil.

🇮🇱ISR ~$1,050,000

Category: Construction, SaaS
Description: ShapeDo develops software that helps manage plan changes in construction projects.
Raised: $650,000 (Seed)
Investors: Goldacre
Location: Jerusalem, Israel.

MedHub AI
Category: Artificial Intelligence
Description: MedHub-AI leverages artificial intelligence to create decision support systems for physicians.
Raised: $400,000 (Seed)
Investors: Unknown
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.

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