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We invest in the best and most determined entrepreneurs and help them make their ideas a reality. The entrepreneurs we work with were destined to build their businesses - it is their life’s purpose

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Venture Impact Pledge

We are the only VC that pledges to commit a portion of our exit profits to important social causes selected by the founders we invest in.

RLC Ventures invests
Founder chooses social cause
Exit profits distributed to cause of choice
Venture Pledge makes a lasting impact on society

Core Team


Reece Chowdhry

Reece is the Founder and CEO of RLC Ventures and is an award-winning venture capitalist. He is an ex EY Management Consultant. Reece has been featured in the media frequently, including on The Sunday Times and Channel 4.


Jeff Chowdhry

Jeff is the Non Executive Chairman of RLC Ventures and is a seasoned investor with over 30 years of experience. He was previously in charge of over $5bn of AUM at BMO Global Asset Management and is a regular commentator on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Senior Investor

Amir Tayebi

Amir is a Senior Investor at RLC Ventures. He has experience as an Advisor at Adam Street Advisers and has a B.A.Sc from Cass Business School in Business Studies and Finance.


Alex Valente Petri

Alex is a Venture Capital Investor at RLC Ventures and manages the investment process. He has over 10 years of experience in investment, strategy and project management across different sectors. Alex holds an MBA (distinction) from Cass Business School.

Media Manager

Anila Chowdhry

Anila is the Media Manager at RLC Ventures and is an award-winning Presenter and Producer. She has worked for the world’s leading media companies including the BBC, ITV News, The Telegraph, ITN and Zee TV.


Jay Jung

Jay is an Investment Associate and Operations Manager at RLC Ventures. He was the President of the VC Society at LSE where he majored in Economics and Philosophy. Jay has previous experiences at Goldman Sachs and Nomura and is an active angel investor.

Communications Manager

Katie Hinksman

Katie is a Marketing Professional at RLC Ventures. She has years of experience in marketing at different firms such as Jellybean Creative Solutions and Savran Coaching & Consulting Ltd.


Apoorva Tummala

She has a dual degree from UIC in Biology and Economics. She focuses on healthtech investments for RLC Ventures

Technical Analyst

Rayan Saleh

Rayan is the lead tech analyst at RLC Ventures. He is heavily involved with numerous start-ups and has extensive experience within engineering and technology.

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