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Reece Chowdhry Venture Capital Chapter Published in – A Living Bridge: The UK-India Diaspora & The Rise of The Millennials

“A Living Bridge – The UK-India Diaspora & The Rise of The Millennials ” provides a fascinating insight into how the millennial generation of the Indian Diaspora living in the United Kingdom view the current relationship between the UK and India and provides commentary into what more government and non-government organisations in both countries can do to further strengthen their partnership and diaspora engagement.

The book is written by leaders and experts of the millennial generation. As the UK and India partnership enters a new dawn, it is suggested that it will be the millennial generation of both countries who are best positioned to be the driving force behind the creation of a renewed meaningful and powerful relationship. The book looks at a variety of industries ranging from politics to dentistry and technology to business to assess what more the organisation of both countries can be doing to enhance the partnership.

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