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Why we are partnering with the Oxford Venture Capital Network

“We are all really looking forward to sharing some of our insights with The Oxford Venture Capital Network, and can’t wait to bring a little more transparency and access to the world of Venture Capital.” –  Reece Chowdhry (Founder & CEO)

The entire team at RLC Ventures are delighted to announce that this year we are partnering with OXVC, the University of Oxford’s Venture Capital Network. The society was started to help both students and startups, through connecting founders, investors, and entrepreneurial Oxford students. 

Last week, Oliver and Rayan left London attended the Grand Opening Party”, OXVC’s inaugural event, where they introduced RLC Ventures, and outlined their own journeys and experiences within the industry to date. It was great to see other funds in attendance such as Campus Capital and Razor Capital. 

For the RLC Ventures team, partnering with OXVC and the passionate students who run it, presents an exciting opportunity to provide students, both undergraduate and post-graduate, with the opportunity to gain insight into the often opaque world of Venture Capital, and to understand some of the criteria investors consider prior to committing capital. 

Due to the volume of request we receive, we had to think long and hard about which Universities and organisations we wanted to support. Ultimately, what really stood out about this particular group was their principles, of which they identified openness, diversity and support as the three most important to them. RLC Ventures feel very much aligned with their chosen values and believe we can help achieve these. 

With ongoing uncertainty over the UK’s role and status within global markets, we believe it is important to make investors and founders of the future aware of why the UK is uniquely placed to maintain our position as the leading hub for Venture Funding in Europe. Through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), founders have been able to access capital with greater ease, and UK investors are eligible for substantial tax reliefs when backing companies within the respective schemes.  

Over the course of the next year, we look to support, inform and inspire those interested in Venture Capital, as well as help entrepreneurs, access and understand the fundraising process. We will do so through maintaining an open and approachable relationship with the society members at their Oxford-based events. 

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