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RLC Investment Stage

Core Selection Criteria


A founding team of 2 or more individuals that have the technical and business acumen to build a high growth business.


The business needs to be able to further develop their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


A business where the product or disruption model is technology ­enabled or involves an innovative approach not seen elsewhere in the market.

Market Size

The size of the market must be considerable.

Barrier to Entry

High barriers to entry e.g. through technology or government regulation.

Commitment of the Founders

The founders need to be fully committed to their venture. Founder will need to demonstrate that they live and breathe every second of their company and sector.


The idea must be able to rapidly scale and, have the ability to reach a significant valuation within 5 years.

Route to Exit

Companies should have a clear path to exit via IPO or trade sale.
1500  +
Applications Per Year
600  +
Reviewed Per Year
300  +
Pitches Per Year
8  +
Funded Per Year