"RLC Ventures was instrumental in helping Landlordinvest grow from a small-time startup into a leading P2P platform. RLC Ventures has taken the most active role I have ever seen from external investor, we truly see RLC Ventures as a co-founder of the business as well, not just as a board advisor / external shareholder. RLC Ventures have supported LandlordInvest in various ways including product testing, marketing strategy, strategy consulting, facilitating board meetings, recruitment of new staff members."
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Filip Karadaghi
RLC Ventures was the first organisation to take a chance on us back in 2017, just a year after founding the company, and provided us with the foundations to build the company we are today. They've been a key companion on our journey: from the testing the beta product to advising on all aspects of strategy & financing. For any startup looking to build a business with a skilled team of investors and operational support RLC Ventures is the place.
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Martin Grozev
RLC Ventures was an invaluable stepping stone for Wintern and provided us with the support and backing to build the company when we were just an idea. For any startup looking to build something truly awesome, RLC Ventures should be the first point of call.
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Raj Mendhir