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Essential Tips for Every Start-Up’s Website

When launching a start-up, a website tops the list as one of the most important aspects of a company. What many founders seem to miss is that, a company’s website is equivalent of the first impression. For instance, if an individual enters a meeting half an hour late, with their work missing, and are unattentive, it is a clear indication that they were not prepared for the meeting. In the same way, we at RLC Ventures learn a lot about a company’s culture, character, and vision from their website. At the end of the day, it is a website that delivers and communicates the information that leads to a product or service being purchased and explained regardless of how useful or innovative a product or service is. For those that have successfully followed the tips, we are confident that this will reflect positively on your customer, potential investors, and partners.

As a start-ups website is extremely important to us at RLC Ventures, we aim to invest in companies that place an importance in ensuring their platform integrates all of the points discussed. Therefore, we are proud to use the following portfolio companies as examples of companies that have mastered the art of website design and information communication. Feel free to visit some their websites below:

  1. A CLEAR and COMPELLING one liner or tagline

When a potential investor or client opens a website, this the FIRST LINE they will read to grasp an understanding of what your start-up is about. This should be clear, concise, and easy to understand for an average individual.

Greendeck – https://www.greendeck.co/#/home/main

2. User-Friendly Interface

An often overlooked aspect of a start-ups website is the interface. Therefore, you must ensure the site is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

You can do this by:

Choosing colors that match your logo

Having a fixed menu with all the things one may look for (Product offering, Contact Us, Resources)

Choosing an easy to follow font for bodies of texts

Using illustrations and pictures that make to avoid overbearing text

Communicating through infographics as they are visually appealing, easy to follow, more likely to be shared on social media, and increases readership.

3. “How It Works?” or “How Things Work?” Hint: Use Pictures or Videos to illustrate

Landlord Invest – https://landlordinvest.com/

By including pictures and videos, customers can understand how your product or service works effortlessly, making it more likely they will consider using your offering.

4. Clearly LIST the benefits your start-up has to offer

It is important to clearly indicate the benefits a customer receives when using the provided product or service. By briefly explaining the different benefits, customers are inclined to use your product offering.

Wrisk – https://www.wrisk.co/

5. Put LOGOS of your Partners, Previous Clients, and Media Features

Not only does this demonstrate to potential customers that your product offering is trusted by large corporates and media outlets, it instills a sense of familiarity, which can translate directly into a new customer.

Betting Metrics – https://bettingmetrics.com/


Here are some of our portfolio companies that have exemplary websites:




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