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Arrive Fund Overview

The Arrive UK Emerging Markets Tech EIS & SEIS Fund is RLC Ventures’ third fund. Focused at the pre-seed and seed stage, it will back exceptional founders headquartered in the UK, and looks for them to possess an emerging market footprint.

The Arrive fund will invest across four main verticals; Fintech, AI, Enterprise, and Gaming. The RLC Ventures team has over 50 years combined investment experience, and have collectively managed over $5bn AUM across the UK and emerging markets.

Prior to applying to invest, please ensure you have read all the information below, and downloaded our Investment Memorandum.

For further information on the SEIS and EIS scheme see our guide here

Last Exit

The below table is a summary of the Arrive Fund’s key information:

Fund Type SEIS/EIS
Sectors Technology Companies
Minimum Investment £50,000
Portfolio Size 10-15 companies
Target fund return 2.6x

The below table is a comparison of SEIS and EIS funds features and the associated tax benefits: 

Tax Efficient Comparison Table SEIS EIS
Current Investment Limits £100,000 £1,000,000
Capital Gains Deferral n/a Up to 20%
Income Tax Relief 50% 30%
Min. Holding Period 2 years for IHT
3 years for SEIS
2 years for IHT
3 years for EIS
IHT Free After 2 years After 2 years
Tax Free Exit Yes, after 3 years No
Secondary Market No No
Loss Relief Yes Yes
Carry Back Facility Yes Yes
Business Relief 100% after 2 years 100% after 2 years

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) are both designed to help smaller and typically higher-risk trading companies raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares in these companies.

Investing in early-stage businesses is highly risky, and investors should be prepared for the eventually of no return of capital. Therefore, an Investor should only invest in the Fund if the Investor can withstand a total loss of their Paid in Capital.

Shares in unquoted companies are illiquid. This means you cannot withdraw your investment once committed. You will only receive proceeds if the underlying companies are successfully sold. Not all companies will be sold at all, or for a profit.

Applications to invest should only be submitted once you have read the full Information Memorandum, in particular the section covering risks and fees.

A MICAP review is an independant report undertaken by an in-house team of analyst. The reviews typically consist of a 20 to 25 page document that sets out the key areas that financial advisers should consider when looking to invest in a fund.

You can read RLC Ventures Arrive Fund full MICAP review here.Image result for micap"

Fund Return

Why RLC Ventures

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Strong Returns

We have consistently delivered strong returns to our investors, with a (X) multiple on Fund I and a (X) multiple on Fund II.
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Our Investors

Our current investor base consists of various family offices, successful entrepreneurs and private individuals working for the likes of Brookfield, Blackrock and JP Morgan Chase.
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Beyond Capital

Founders choose & recommend us. We have a 100% founders’ referral rate due to our hands-on approach.
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Venture Pledge

Through the Venture Pledge, in 2020, we will distribute over £12,000 to a UK charity, as chosen by our founders.
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Our Team

Our team have made a total of 42 early-stage investments, both personally and through RLC Ventures.
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Angel Network

When investing with RLC Ventures, you become part of our Angel Network and get priority allocation for co-investing alongside the fund.