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5 Lessons in 5 Minutes with Reece Chowdhry

Our founder Reece recently spoke at the most recent London & Partners Summer Cohort event. The topic… 5 lessons in 5 minutes. For all the founders out there make sure you read this!

Being a founder is hard, especially when approaching funding and VCs’. Here are 5 tips that Reece thinks you should know before getting into a meeting with any sort of investor.

  1. Have a long term mindset. Know that you are likely to be with an investor for at least 7 years. Thus, make sure it is the right investor who can add value and be in line with your vision.
  2. Constantly ask intelligence questions. Speak to the founders that the investor has previously invested in, both successful investments and unsuccessful ones.
  3. Research your investor. Thoroughly.
  4. Even if they aren’t the right investor, get them on your stakeholders list. They might not be right for you now but in the future, you never know…
  5. Capital efficiency is key. Make sure you can show your investor you understand the value of the money he is going to invest and can explain exactly where that money will go. Look for the best options to spend your capital. Founders who do this tend to stick around the longest.

To see Reece talk at the London & Partners event click the link below!


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